The Enchanting (Poem)

It was as if a magician had weaved their magic

The times were changing

The smiles were getting bigger

Was this real?

Was this a dream ?

Whatever it was

Life was changing

Being a stargazer meant something

Those stars had given hope

Even when times were looking tough

The magic within was always there.

Now it was shining like never before. The universe had listened. The world had listened.

It was time

For those dreams to become a reality.

Life just seems even more amazing.

The cold chill of the winter breeze, brings more inspiration.

The dream was alive and kicking.

Those smiles were changing the world around.

This is the beginning of your new life.

Live it, Breathe it, Love it.

Keep stargazing and love this magic that you have weaved into your life.

The adventure has just begun


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