The Key is the beholder (DJ Khaled inspired)

I have never done anything like this before, and I have been so scared and nervous to release this poem, because it is inspired by DJ Khaled’s philosophies as in “the key and they don’t want you to” sentences. It has taken a lot of guts to release this poem but here it is.

There it lay the key,

The one that could change your life.

They didn’t want you to reach it.

The key was glistening under the sun, that golden key it had your name on it.

But they were holding you back.

From reaching your potential.

You had your eye on the prize.

The key to success and you never gave up.

When times were tough you fought for your dream.

Made sure it stayed alive.

They wanted you to fail.

But no-one could hold you back.

You were on the hunt, for the key to success.

They still put you down.

Life as you knew it was a struggle, every second, every minute, every hour. Yet……………You Persevered.

The hard times made you see your dream even more clearly.

That anxious moment when you knew the key was there, your heart skipped a beat,

It swayed to the beat of the sun, the grit, the determination was on fire that day.

It was your time, even they couldn’t stop you this time.

Your true mettle was tested the key was within grasp. Inching closer and closer by the minute.

The key would unlock the door to happiness, to a tranquil a life but first and foremost the dream would be alive.

That golden key meant the world to you.

Now your fingers had grasped it, and you didn’t want to let go.

The searing sun didn’t even matter in this moment.

They key to your new beginning had arrived.  The key to success was finally here.

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