The Cloud gazing days live on

This story which I have written is inspired by Inkquistive’s illustration. Which he release earlier in the week it was The Little Mermaid one which had the accompanying caption “There is a world where hope and dreams can last for all time.” I have used the image as the featured image, and all credit goes to Inkquistive (Amandeep Singh).

Their she went again, off to the place where she was the most happiest, the tranquillity really made her feel at peace. She needed to be there away from the hustle and bustle, after almost an hour of trekking she was there. Her little secret place that she had discovered, it was all by accident, and now that was the place which she loved visiting so much. The ocean waves were moving briskly she could feel the water beneath her feet, just taking a walk against this backdrop was magical she wanted to stay here forever, but she couldn’t. So she came here as often as she could, she still had a little way to get to her spot but she was just a few steps away. She took in the pristine fresh air, and the view around her which was breathtakingly beautiful. 

Simply put for her this was paradise her spot was in site, and she was beyond excited. Finally the place where she came to cloud gaze was here, she ran and sat down on the rock and the memories came flooding back to her. She had come here always when she was nobody and was dreaming of making all her dreams come true. This place that had given her hope, from the day she had stumbled upon it, this became her place of solace and she could dream and believe freely no restrictions here.

There was magic in the air in this little place……………. something mysterious and mystical about it.

The only thing that mattered was she was happy and she was seeing her dreams come to life.

What is this place?

Who is she?

What is the mystery and magic about this place?

Why does she come here only?

So many questions right well let’s take it back, the place is situated deep in the lush jungles of Palawan where a pathway will lead you to your own little paradise. Off the unbeaten track, you have to an eagle eye to spot the track. A place to dream and be inspired. Melita had that eagle eye, and she loved to explore going on her own little adventures away from the hustle and bustle of everything. She never intended to find this place, as normal she went on her own adventure. Marching to her own drum. Melita made this paradise her own, it became the blueprint for her success. To Melita, the peaceful tranquil nature had allowed her to plan her path to success.

At first she would just come and sit there on the rocks for hours upon hours cloud gazing and wishing her dreams would come true. Melita loved coming here and she began bringing her notebook, writing again for hours and hours she didn’t even realise where the time went.

Life as she knew it was a struggle every single day, but her dreams kept her spirits up, so much was going on around her. She blocked everything out, and kept going on towards fulfilling her dreams. Life would seem better once she was here…………………… One day though…………………………………..

The time had come for her to put the focus in and make those dreams become a reality. As normal she went off to the place.

Melita was engrossed writing all her notes in her book.

She noticed a shadow.

Melita panicked.

Her heart was beating fast.

She looked up slowly.

Melita was frightened.

She continued to slowly but steadily look up.

Melita was surprised.

It was one of the revered elders, who was very well respected. Melita wondered what was going on. The elder explained to her that he had seen her coming here practically every single day, and saw that she was working hard towards her dreams. The elder knew her story that is why he wanted to help Melita. The elder explained to Melita to keep working and most of all that she needed to believe in herself, as right now he could see the fear in her eyes, the fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of so many things. Melita’s confidence was low and she did struggle in believing in herself, as all these fears scared her so much. The elder was correct and she made a promise that she will work on herself become a better person and begin to believe in herself, this was another journey to embark on.

Melita had tears running down her cheeks, no-one had cared enough to take the time to talk to her, she had a felt alone for a long time. The elder, though took the time to understand her dreams and who she is and that meant the world to her. Melita didn’t know how to thank the elder for everything he had done, he helped her so much over the next few months. She was seeing her dreams come alive, if she had never discovered that place, she would never have met the elder. For Melita that place was full of magic and mysteries, as if anything was possible there, because she realised her worth there and hasn’t looked back since. The mysterious thing about this place is when she asked if other people had heard about it or tried to take them there, she was unable to take them to this little paradise. Which baffled her was she one of the chosen few who could visit this place? Nothing made sense, she didn’t question it too much, as some things in life are best left as a mystery.

Melita is soaring towards her dreams, and she still pinches herself that is all this true.

What is Melita’s story you are wondering?

Well Melita grew up in London, but travelled extensively around the world and Palawan became her favourite place to visit. Her family decided to make it their base, she lost both parents at a very young age soon after moving to Palawan she was devastated. For Melita growing up was not easy, she was sent back to London to live with her aunt who was very good to her and she saw how much she missed Palawan and that her best memories were in Palawan. Her aunt moved to Palawan for Melita’s sake and they both struggled there very hard, each day was a struggle, they had fallen on hard times. Melita’s aunt never gave up though and she always tried to make sure Melita was smiling, and Melita was grateful for everything.

Melita’s ultimate dream was to become a writer, and she had her way with words which just entranced everyone. As soon as someone would read her work they would leave impressed. Melita’s aunt encouraged her, and through all the sheer hard work, support and cloud gazing she has made it.

Now Melita is a highly successful writer, who is always on the go, but she has not forgotten Palawan. She comes back as often as possible and still cloud gazes for hours upon hours at that spot, which first gave her strength to believe in her dreams and herself.

So keep dreaming and believing you will make it.

Also never stop cloud gazing, our world is beautiful so keep looking up and soar towards your dreams.

It is not easy but keep going…………..

From one cloud gazer to another.


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