Thank You Arjun

Firstly I just want to start off by saying thank you for always inspiring me.

I need to take it back to the first time I met you, which was at border security back from the flight to London from Marrakech at Stanstead airport. I have always been a fan of your music and have a lot of respect for you, but that day at border security when we met I met the person behind the music and my respect for you just went to another level.

After that I discovered more about your musical journey, and it was really amazing to see how you had started your journey. You have come so far Arjun in your journey and it really further inspired me to go out and chase my dreams. That one brief meeting with you, has changed the course of my life, and I just want say thank you for making me believe that I can live the dreams I have always envisioned. Your journey really got me thinking about which direction I want to go in and I have discovered that direction.

I can see the sheer hard-work and perseverance that you have undertaken to get to the level you have come to and I am beyond happy for you. You deserve all the success you are getting, because I can see how determined you really are and can see the next level you want to get to. You will definitely without a shadow of doubt be there, in no time. Arjun I am so excited to see what you do and come up with next because you are multi-talented, and very humble at the same time.

Meeting you again at the British Asian festival it was really cool and that was the first time I got see you perform live, that performance was a really good one as well. Yet again that second meeting has inspired me further.

I cannot forget our first meeting because it is not everyday you meet someone at border security and  from then on I haven’t looked back just focused on making the dream life come true. Your music has been another defining factor for me in my life as when I was planning for 2016 in Malaysia and Singapore, it was only your music playing so thank you for creating such brilliant music.

Arjun I respect you for the person you are and for everything you have achieved so far.

Probably meet you again at border security lol.

Have a fantastic day.


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