We Just Clicked

Haven’t published a blog post in a long time just wanted to kick things back off with a poem and June will definitely be content filled month got so much planned so keep a look out.

We Just Clicked

Friendships, that are meant to last a lifetime.

After meeting the people, who have same vision and ambition as you, is a dream come true within itself.

The key moments, when you need them to understand they do.

Life as you knew it had changed for the better, these friends knew how it was.

They understood the turmoil, the struggle and how difficult this industry is.

We just clicked as soon as we had met; you saw the same fire burning in their eyes that you had burning in your eyes.

The dream is just getting bigger.

Through the times we have spent together, we have had so many awesome moments.

Laughing, joking, and enjoying the ride of this dream we all have.

Success is paramount, as we are all in sync and know where we are heading.

Over time these friends have become family, they have become your brothers.

The reunions are epic and you have so much fun together that you don’t know where the time flies even.

Day to night, Night to day, all of you are seeing the dream with open eyes. The smile’s cross your faces.

That we can make this happen, as together we can accomplish anything.

Yes the dream is worth fighting for, and you have your brother’s right alongside you.

All of you will be rooting and making sure each one is positive on this journey that you all have embarked on together.

As the rollercoaster has just began

Many more good times to come, hang on tight as the epic moments are on their way.

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