Deciphering She Collected Moon and Marbles by Inkquisitive

When I first saw this image I was in awe of it. The words wow just came out and it is a beautiful piece with a very deep message as with all of Aman’s illustrations.

It has taken me a few weeks to decipher this illustration, but here is my interpretation.

So let’s kick things off on what I believe this illustration is about.

I will be deciphering top to bottom.

The raindrops represent metaphorically the tears of happiness and sadness, as these struggles have caused doubt in the mind. Even in the times of the tears she found happiness the inner strength was her guiding light and she believed she would prosper. As the myriad of colours guided her to her true destiny, the pain is evident with the black tears and clears tears showing a contrast at the same time. It seems to also represent the different time frames of her life, as the raindrops being scattered shows that she has evolved with time, yet sometimes the pain does haunt her as the struggles make her realise how far she has come in life.

The colours at the top the pinks, the oranges, the purples, the blues are the shining light in the darkness. So when you feel darkness is surrounding you do not fear it, embrace it and find the true colours of your life. As the darkness does not have to represent your life, it can be the leading light to the true passion of your life where a world of colourful happiness exists.

As we move down to the middle you see the crow sitting on top of a tree, to me that represents embracing your fear. In the sense that you need acknowledge that you have the fear, but it is at the same time guiding you on your path towards your destiny. The zebra in the opposite direction means it is running away from its troubles to embrace the good in life. As the zebra and crow are a contrast to each other as both have black and white as colours so metaphorically to me it is also about embracing the struggles and the journey that you have set out on.

Also we have lines in the white and blue colours, with the blue lines being a lot more prominent than the white. I believe this is actually an insight into the mind and the thought process we can go through. Like feeling all the confusion as we can have so many ideas running through our mind at one time and don’t know which one to go with. So therefore it could be meaning the confusion that we face in life and that we need to look within ourselves for the answer.

There is also a lot darker colours in the middle area, so this definitely about a dark time, where the struggle was real, and the destination wasn’t in sight at the time. Also the flowers are not in full bloom so the sadness is definitely coming through for me. As the little mini heart I believe represents the love that they want to feel for their dreams, they do but at that particular time it was very difficult because so much was going on at the time and it is about how you overcome it.

Right towards the bottom it looks a like a jagged edge mountain person face, who is experiencing all these emotions and they have a lot going on, but the brighter colours are giving them hope and they don’t give up on their dream. Also the marbles and moon in the illustration are the cherished memories for the person and they want to collect memories that will last a lifetime for them.

 If I had to sum up She Collected Moon and marbles I would say it is about overcoming the darkness in order to fulfil your dreams. The path is not easy you will struggle but in the end you can make it happen if you believe in yourself and the journey you have embarked on.

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