The Icy Winter

The icy winter winds

They had a magic in them

Almost Mystical

It was haunting in a way.

I couldn’t explain it.

The pull of the icy winter

Had me smiling.

Something magical was about to happen.

It didn’t seem real,

Was I

In another realm.

The magic could be felt all-around me.

I was at peace.

I stepped outside in the snow.

A brush of cold wind

Refreshed me.

The cold had never felt so welcoming.

These winter months I had embraced them.

There was a calling within them,

I just didn’t know at the time.

The magic was real.

The other realm was real.

My dreams were real.

Everything was real.

The magic within had come to life.

In such a way.

That I had

No choice but to believe.

That the icy winter had

Brought my dreams to life.

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