The Adventure to Thailand Begins

Welcome to the Thailand adventure. The flight was in the evening and we were all excited, especially my mum she just needed a break.

So we set about on our adventure to Thailand, it was a long flight there; we flew by Emirates and had a six hour hold in Dubai. Which would seem like such a long time but I didn’t even realise the time. I got a massage done, ate to my heart’s content, and even indulged in some healthy stuff in the form a fresh juice that is as healthy I can get when travelling, a part from all the fresh fruit which just seems to taste better on holiday. Probably because it is all ready and cut up to eat when you come downstairs to breakfast.

Those six hours just went like that, before I knew it I was onto the second leg of my journey. This flight did seem longer than it was, my mum was hilarious she was really getting frustrated and she just wanted to get off the plane, and I couldn’t stop laughing especially when it got to the final hour. That hour was the longest of my life; we all were ready to get off the plane.

Finally Landed in Thailand

Well after an eternity we had landed in Thailand exciting times ahead now. Well from the next morning because we landed in the middle of the night and were looking for our beds as exhaustion had reached peak levels.

We got to immigration and the line was not really moving at all, it was at snail’s pace at Phuket airport. My mum notice a different queue, where people were getting out faster, we were left wondering have they got some special pass or something to go through quicker. We enquired and found out if we paid 100 baht, they would check your passport and make sure everything is in order and send you on your way. I am not entirely sure if this is a regular occurrence or not as this was my first time there and we were not sure. Has anyone else paid to get through at Phuket International Airport? I am guessing it has to be their version of fast track, but not entirely sure as mentioned. Nonetheless we got out of the airport got into the taxi and we were on our way to the Raddison Blu on Panwa Beach which is situated in a quieter part of Phuket. If you are looking for the more lively part then Patong is the place to be as it is the buzzing area of Phuket. We wanted a relaxing holiday thus choosing Panwa beach.

Until next time my first impressions of the Radisson Blu Panwa Beach.


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