First Impressions Radisson Blu Panwa Beach

The Journey to the Hotel

Our hotel was quite a bit away from the airport, and I think when we arrived at the hotel it was past midnight so a bit of a long drive. It was also pitch black and not a street light in sight, so it was practically going into the unknown until we reached out hotel. As soon as I arrived, at the Radisson Blu I was elated as the hotel looked amazing inside and I wanted to explore the hotel as soon as I arrived. At that moment in time the tiredness and everything had gone. Nonetheless it was too late and the tiredness began to kick in so we got to our room and it was an awesome room.

Exploring Time

Mum and me were so excited when we saw the balcony; we just began nattering away that we can catch up properly, and have tea and everything. Mum ordered food, and we caught up on our beauty sleep as you do. Next morning arrived; me and Mum were on the balcony chilling out having tea and catching up properly after a few weeks. We were catching up properly as my mum’s shift patterns were crazy before we had arrived in Thailand and she was looking forward to this break out of everyone. So we just caught up on everything, and then we decided to go around and explore, we left my Dad behind as he was sleeping blissfully. So we went about and explored every corner of the hotel. We first had to figure out the route back to our room as it was such a big resort, first thing on the agenda was finding the pools. That was easily found and we had our own little beach as well, and bar by the pool. In my head I was like sorted cocktail in hand and chilling by the pool.

The reception area was really peaceful, even though it had loads of people around, there was a bar situated just past the reception and you could go out and had a lovely view of the beach and everything. Tranquil in a way, the sunset view was amazing from there, although we had made a quick exit at one point because a lizard appeared. My mum kept on screaming every time she saw a lizard I use to burst out laughing every single time, and I kept on scaring her as well I am guilty as charged. It was funny though to me and my Dad. I have to say the staff at the Radisson Blu, were amazing and always helpful, they really took great care of us and I actually want to go back now as I am writing this post missing Thailand and the Radisson Blu big time. I will have to plan another trip there for sure and will be back at the Radisson Blu in no time.

The Radisson Blu had a whole host of activities available, I didn’t get a chance to do any of them as we were out and about always but next time I am there I am going to take part  the diving lessons, yoga classes and all the activities on offer.

The link below shows how the hotel was when I went. It has now changed to Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach I have included a link for the Pullman hotel as well. I can’t see the activities on offer which I have talked about above the Radisson Blu offered them but maybe they are available on request with the Pullman.

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