The time I went on a Kayak ride in Thailand

So we decided to book a day tour in Phuket, we got to go and visit some of the other famous islands. A part of the tour was a kayak ride, like me my mum and dad all decided on the genius idea that we should all sit in one kayak. What were we thinking honestly up till today I don’t understand what possessed us to think that this was a good idea.

So we were all on the kayak somehow managed to fit in. My mum and dad were all comfy I was at the back so bore the brunt of it all basically being squashed. I literally had to sit on my side with my feet floating of the kayak. First time going on a kayak ride and what an experience to remember.

It was a really cool experience being in the middle of the sea and just going around in a kayak. Seeing the natural rock formations so up and close, just once again showed me the wonders of nature. One minute I would be admiring rock formations and then reality hits that this kayak could topple over at any minute. Plus we had someone doing the rowing of the kayak so technically it was four people on this kayak, and somehow we made it back without any of us falling overboard.

I did enjoy the kayak ride but next time definitely having a whole kayak to myself.

Once we got off we couldn’t stop laughing at comedy of errors that we had made, by choosing to sit in one kayak. This is a memory that I do look back on fondly it just adds to the comedic family memories.

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