Welcome to The Topazios Journey

There is a story behind why I have called my blog The Topazios Journey, I will definitely write about this story. I have many different interests and this is the place to write about them.

Wanderlust always get the better of me I daydream about travelling, and that is why I end up going and visiting many different destinations around the world. Forever ready to go on holiday and explore this amazing world we live in.

I am big sports fan you will not be able to get me away from the TV if a match is on especially if it is Cricket and South Africa are playing. Why I support South Africa is another story within itself, which will be discussed as well.

I also love writing poems and fiction stories, having always had a vivid imagination on Topazios Journey I can create the stories and poetry, to create a little fictional/poetry world.

So I guess to sum it up I love my poetry/fiction/sports/beauty and fashion and love reading about them.

I don’t really write about beauty on the blog though on the odd occasion I do. The main core topics which I do write about are Travel, Fiction, Poems, Bollywood, Sports.

I forgot to mention who I support in sports
Football Manchester United
Cricket South Africa blog post to follow on why I am an ardent South African fan
Tennis Rafael Nadal
F1 Ferrari
WWE Undertaker is my all time favourite, along with Edge and Rey Mysterio
Darts I don’t support anyone in particular

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I hope you enjoy reading the blog and welcome to my journey.


  1. 4th May 2014 / 11:50 am

    Many thanks for finding me and good luck with the journey 🙂

    • 17th August 2014 / 9:21 pm

      Hi thank you for the nomination look forward to answering your questions